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More thing with 3 Old stone pots

How about a fountain by 3 Vietnam Old stone pots

Recycle old flower pots into an attractive fountain for your garden. While one large oldstone pot or planter can make an attractive miniature water fountain garden, a pair or even a trio of old stone flower pots can add more visual interest and the rhythm of water.

All materials

Two or three old stone flower pots are needed to build a fountain. One needs to be large enough to hold a substantial volume of water as well as a water garden fountain pump.

Two plastic mesh baskets. These should be able to fit upside down in the two larger flower pots easily.

The water garden pump you choose should be for very small volume fountain applications and should have an nozzle or outlet so the water will not spray everywhere across your patio when you turn it on.

An electric drill to make things easier, choose ones that do.


The fountain is very hard to move a completed fountain. Make sure the location has access to an electrical outlet as the fountain pump will need to be powered.

Place the largest old stone flower pot on the spot. If it has a hole in the bottom, you will need to plug it up completely. Use some form of sealant and a flat rock or even a piece of plastic or metal to seal the hole.

The fountain pump should go in next, positioned carefully on the bottom so the water outlet tube points straight upward. The intake should be protected with some sort of filter so it does not get jammed with debris.

Put the largest plastic basket upside down over the water garden pump. Cut a hole in the center of the bottom for the upright tube to go through if necessary. Balance the next smallest flower pot on this basket with its hole also over the water tube. Repeat this procedure if you have three flower pots in the outdoor fountain. If the holes at the bottom of each pot are much larger than the upright tube, use sealant to close them off.

Fill the largest flower pot on the bottom of the outdoor fountain with water and turn on the pump. Continue filling with water as it is sucked upward into the other pots. All three flower pots should be full with water for the fountain to work and look its best.

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